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Oregon’s successful move to decriminalize cannabis in 2015 paved the way for another progressive action concerning the use of drugs still banned at a federal level.

In 2020, the majority of Oregonians voted to legalize the medicinal and therapeutic use of psychedelic mushrooms, the active ingredient of which is psilocybin.

Oregon Psilocybin lawyer

This move was included as part of Measure 109 and made Oregon the first state in the union to take this step — though some cities like Oakland, Santa Cruz, and Washington, D.C. have decriminalized the substance.

As psilocybin growers, retailers, investors, medical practitioners, and users in Oregon look to take advantage of the change of legislation, it has spurred many business opportunities in the state. However, it is not without considerable hurdles as psilocybin remains illegal in every other state as well as at a federal level.

Our Oregon psilocybin lawyers can help you navigate the significant challenges involved in setting up a psilocybin business here and prepare you for what lies ahead – just as we’ve done for many cannabis businesses across the country.

History of psilocybin use and its medical benefits

Psilocybin is a psychoactive substance with a rich history. It is estimated from rock paintings that psychoactive mushroom usage dates back more than 9,000 years.

Here in the Americas, the Mayans are famous for their ritual use of mushrooms and their so-called mushroom stones — dancing figures wearing mushroom caps —carved between 1,200 and 1,700 years ago.

From the Spanish conquistadores to the modern day, the use of psilocybin has been almost continuously frowned upon by society. During the 60s and 70s in the U.S., interest in the drug was reignited and the term “magic mushrooms” was frequently used.

Today, psilocybin remains a Schedule 1 substance at the federal level under the Controlled Substances Act alongside the likes of heroin and LSD.

These substances have been determined to have a “high potential for abuse and serve no legitimate medical purpose in the United States.” This is a characterization that the majority of people in Oregon appear to disagree with when it comes to psilocybin.

In fact, the DEA itself says that psilocybin is not addictive and has no documented, negative, long-term side effects so the risks of usage appear minimal.

Its long history of being criminalized means that few scholarly studies on the medical benefits of psilocybin have been funded or performed. That is changing as new interest has emerged in recent years.

Cannabis research helped to change perceptions towards the criminalization of cannabis and early research suggests that there may indeed be medical benefits from the use of psilocybin, which could pave the way for more widespread legalization.

Psilocybin business law

Psilocybin business law in Oregon is complex and the industry is heavily regulated — much like the cannabis industry in many states.

The Oregon Health Authority has been charged with licensing and regulating the manufacture, transportation, delivery, sale, and purchase of psilocybin products and the provision of psilocybin services.

Our experience in working within the restrictive frameworks of such a highly regulated industry as cannabis, where state law conflicts with federal law, means that our advice and support can save you many headaches when you set up your psilocybin business in Oregon and prepare for what’s around the corner.

We will minimize your risks, ensure you’re compliant, and help position you for success in the years ahead even as the psilocybin business laws evolve.

How will the medical use of psilocybin help grow the industry?

Psilocybin research has increased in recent years as the public calls for greater transparency about the substances classed as illegal in the U.S. The opioid crisis has changed many people’s perceptions, as has the growing body of evidence about the medical benefits of cannabis.

The main arguments for the legalization of psilocybin center around its effect on behavior, brain function, and mood, and it has been associated with the treatment of several common mental disorders.

In particular, proponents of psilocybin claim positive effects in the treatment of PTSD, addiction, anxiety, and depression — and research from institutions like Johns Hopkins’s Center for Psychedelic and Consciousness Research has supported the claims.

We can expect more research supporting these claims in the near future, which should open up the psilocybin industry in other states besides Oregon.

We can also expect policy changes that help the psilocybin industry evolve here in Oregon. To thrive in a quickly changing landscape such as this, you need insight, advice and support from a partner that you can rely on…

How can our psilocybin legal services help?

For growers, manufacturers, retailers and medical practitioners looking to enter the emerging psilocybin industry in Oregon, there are many opportunities — and potential pitfalls.

The risks are high but our cannabis business lawyers have been key players in the medical and recreational cannabis markets for many years.

The experience of our team in helping entities in the cannabis industry can help you thrive and take advantage of the opportunities in the emerging psilocybin industry in Oregon.

If you’re thinking of starting a psilocybin-based business here, we can support you as you plan, incorporate, begin operations and look to grow a successful business.

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