Cannabis Administrative Law Attorneys

Once you secure your cannabis business license in the U.S., you are subject to a series of federal and state laws that if violated can lead to severe penalties for your business.

The industry is very tightly regulated regardless of which state you are in. Substantial fines, license suspension or even cancellation of your license can result if you are found guilty of some alleged offenses.

Cannabis Administrative Law Attorneys

Sometimes, supposed violations of cannabis administrative laws can be challenged to avoid these penalties. You have rights and legal avenues open to you to defend your business and safeguard the investment you have made.

By understanding more about the law and the steps you can take to protect your license, you can sleep a little easier.

The cannabis attorneys at Cannabis Law Solutions can help if you face an administrative issue or risk violating state laws and placing your cannabis business license at risk.

How can you protect your cannabis business?

Whether you are a grower/producer, retailer, or own one of the many other types of ancillary cannabis businesses that have become more prominent around the U.S. in recent years, you are bound by stringent regulations that control production and distribution within the cannabis industry.

What’s more, these laws are frequently changing. It can be challenging to stay up to date.

Some states are just legalizing medical cannabis usage and others have taken the further step of legalizing recreational cannabis. As the laws change, legal issues for those wanting to form businesses and maintain good governance, financing, leasing and licensing compliance are increasing.

The failure to comply fully with state laws leads to the risk of hefty administrative penalties.

What are the recommended steps to take?

If you receive a notice of administrative violation or face any other administrative issue with your cannabis license anywhere in the U.S., it is important to take steps to address it or it could get expensive.

Your main two options are usually:

  1. Petition for an administrative hearing
  2. Petition for a settlement conference

In most states, failure to take either of these steps promptly means you will have to accept the recommended penalty.

However, state administrative hearings can be daunting. Enlisting the help of an experienced cannabis business litigation attorney can help you navigate the procedures and, most importantly, limit the impact of a potential violation on your business.

Appeals under the Administrative Procedure Act

Within the cannabis industry, even minor infractions can lead to dire consequences for your business.

In the past, state agencies have denied business registrations, revoked licenses, imposed fines, and even cancelled cannabis business licenses for alleged violations of the laws.

Under the terms of the Administrative Procedure Act, you have the right to appeal any of the penalties. We can guide the process for you as it can be an extremely confusing and convoluted one.

Your attorney will ensure that your appeal against the penalties is heard, well supported with evidence, and has a good chance of success.

We can help with the following types of cases:

  • Fines and sanctions for violations
  • Business license revocations/denials
  • Contested license applications
  • Non-renewals of specialty licenses

Often, the presence of a seasoned cannabis litigation attorney can help secure reduced penalties or arrange settlement agreements that limit the consequences for your business.

Get help with fighting an administrative penalty 

Whether you are growing, manufacturing, retailing or otherwise part of the burgeoning cannabis industry, you cannot afford administrative penalties that hamper your growth.

Our cannabis business litigation attorneys can help you address an administrative notice and will look after the process from start to finish.

For informed legal advice, call 866-329-0729 for a consultation with a knowledgeable cannabis attorney at Cannabis Law Solutions.

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