Oregon Psychedelics Disputes and Litigation

With the medicinal and therapeutic use of psilocybin now legal in licensed service centers across Oregon, many investors, entrepreneurs, and medical practitioners have already exploited the business opportunities that have presented themselves over the past few years.

Inevitably, this has also led to disputes as businesses jostle for position and the industry starts to grow. 

If a psychedelic business is involved in a dispute or litigation, it can be challenging to find the necessary legal expertise in a sector where the laws on business formation, licensing, and compliance can be confusing.

Oregon Psychedelics Disputes and Litigation 

Dedicated psychedelics lawyers understand the challenges involved in a highly regulated sector and can help you navigate the legal hurdles of disputes. Whether your dispute is with a competing business or a contractual dispute between partners or suppliers, it’s essential to settle these matters so that the impact on your business is limited.

The lawyers at Cannabis Law Solutions are ready to vigorously defend your interests either in or out of the courtroom. We have extensive experience in litigation, mediation, arbitration and handling administrative disputes in controversial and sensitive industries.

Experienced psychedelics litigation lawyers in Oregon

The medicinal use of psilocybin has been legal in Oregon since 2020 but, with the industry in such infancy, misunderstandings, confusion, and disputes are relatively common as state and local laws bed down.

Under federal law, psilocybin remains a Schedule 1 substance, adding to the challenges with legal matters.

Businesses in the sector are just becoming established and the last thing that business owners want is to have to contend with the expense and delays involved with litigation.

If you’re involved in a psychedelics dispute or litigation with a competing business, partner or supplier, the experience of our attorneys in helping other businesses resolve sensitive matters in cannabis law disputes can limit the negative impact on your business.

Researchers, entrepreneurs, investors, clinicians, and manufacturers can rely on our informed, trusted, and reliable legal advice to resolve disputes.

If you are the subject of a government investigation or licensing issue with the Oregon Health Authority, our seasoned legal advice can also help you decide how to proceed.

Psychedelics litigation and dispute services

Cannabis Law Solutions offers a range of litigation, mediation and arbitration services for disputes within the psychedelics industry in Oregon. These include the following…

Founder and partnership disputes

Disagreements can occur in any business but when the business sector is as new as psychedelics, misunderstandings and confusion among founders, partners, and shareholders are even more common.

Disputes may center around issues such as:

  • The removal of a partner
  • Recovery of assets after a buyout
  • Dissolution of a failed partnership
  • Rescinding a partnership agreement

These disputes can be costly for a new business and few stakeholders want the adverse consequences to extend any further than necessary. Litigation is a last resort. Quick, amicable resolutions are generally preferable and these can be facilitated with the aid of seasoned legal guidance.

Our attorneys can provide a range of alternative dispute resolution methods, such as mediation and arbitration services.

Traditional business disputes

The laws and regulations are still bedding down in the emerging psychedelics sector in Oregon, making standard business disputes and misunderstandings quite common. 

Because of the relatively recent formulation of many of the laws, legal precedents are few and far between. Disputes may have an added layer of complexity requiring assistance from lawyers with knowledge of and insight into the psychedelics sector.

The attorneys at Cannabis Law Solutions can assist with the following types of internal disputes and disagreements with customers, suppliers or competitors:

  • IP and trade secret disputes
  • Employment disputes
  • Breach of trademark disputes
  • Breach of contract disputes
  • Unfair competition
  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Rescission of an agreement
  • Fraud
  • Real property and lease disputes
  • Land use and entitlement disputes

Investor protection and recovery

Our attorneys can also help investors protect the often-substantial investments they make and minimize the risks involved with entering the psychedelics industry in Oregon.

Not all new psychedelics businesses in Oregon will make it. Some will inevitably fail. We have the knowledge and experience to help investors protect against mismanagement or misconduct in the businesses they invest in.

Recovery of a lost investment may require negotiation, mediation, arbitration or litigation but either way, it’s likely to be more effective with seasoned legal representation.

Who do we provide legal services for?

Four main types of psychedelics business licenses are issued in Oregon:

  • Opening and operating a service center where psilocybin is used to treat patients.
  • Manufacturing psilocybin products for use in service centers.
  • Opening a laboratory testing facility for psilocybin-based products.
  • Providing training programs on psilocybin.

We provide legal services for license holders, investors, entrepreneurs, and medical practitioners in any type of established or new business in the psychedelics sector in Oregon. 

Resolve your psychedelics business dispute in Oregon

Locating a suitably qualified psilocybin lawyer in Oregon for reliable business advice in the emerging and heavily regulated psychedelics sector can be challenging.

Few new psychedelics businesses can afford a negative outcome or expensive delays from a business dispute, administrative penalty or licensing issue.

Whether you operate in research, development, commercialization or medical practice involving psychedelics, the knowledgeable psychedelics lawyers at Cannabis Law Solutions are equipped to help you resolve disputes without damaging the long-term health of your business. Call 866-329-0729 for a consultation.

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How will our cannabis and psychedelic business services help you

Cannabis & psychedelics business entity formation

Whether you are looking to form a limited liability company (LLC) or a corporation, our experienced business lawyers can discuss the pros and cons of both and help you incorporate your business with the optimal structure to achieve your goals.

Cannabis & psychedelics business licenses

If you want to run a cannabis or psychedelics business, you will need a valid business license issued by your state authority as well as local permits. Eligibility criteria are likely to be stringent and we can help you navigate the often-complex license application process.

Cannabis & psychedelics corporate documentation

Whether you need to prepare for a license application, transfer of business ownership, change of corporate structure, transfer business location or another business process, we can help you identify and draft the documentation you need to operate legally in your state.

Cannabis & psychedelics administrative law

State authorities watch licensed and unlicensed cannabis and psychedelics businesses closely. If you violate regulations, you could face an administrative penalty. Our attorneys can provide representation or help you prepare for an administrative hearing, settlement conference or appeal.

Cannabis & psychedelics disputes and litigation

Whether you have a dispute with another business, a legal issue with one of your partners or a licensing or administrative issue, you may need legal assistance to help resolve it. We are adept at alternative dispute resolution methods as well as civil litigation.

Cannabis & psychedelics regulatory compliance

As the cannabis and psychedelics industries emerge in states around the U.S., they are more heavily regulated than most other industries. We can help your business navigate the red tape and plan to stay on the right side of the regulatory authorities in whichever state you are based.