Rhode Island Cannabis Business Consulting

Are you looking to start a Rhode Island cannabis business?

It’s an exciting road ahead for the cannabis industry in Rhode Island with the legalization of adult-use cannabis in May 2022 and the sale of adult-use cannabis commencing in December 2022.

But it’s not a road that’s easy to navigate alone or without the right legal advice. As a tightly regulated industry and with cannabis still illegal at a federal level, the potential pitfalls when you enter the industry here are many.

Rhode Island Cannabis Business Consulting

The first step when you have your basic business idea together is to apply for a cannabis business license. Even that is not straightforward as it requires considerable documentation and is highly competitive, with only a limited number of licenses available.

With the right legal advice and cannabis business consulting from our industry-savvy lawyers, you will be in a much stronger position to fulfill your goals with your business now and in the future.

Cannabis opportunities in Rhode Island

Prior to the legalization of adult-use cannabis, there were just over 50 independent medical cannabis cultivators and a dozen or so dispensaries in Rhode Island. The medical cannabis market generated over $60 million a year in revenue.

These numbers are set to multiply with the growing demand that legalization of the recreational use of cannabis will create.

There are multiple ways to be involved in the adult-use cannabis industry in Rhode Island — if you meet the eligibility criteria set out by the state’s Office of Cannabis Regulation.

With five types of licenses initially available and retail sales starting in December 2022, the opportunities for entrepreneurs and those skilled in cannabis cultivation, production, and retailing are many.

The license types are:

  • Cultivator license
  • Product manufacturer or processor license
  • Hybrid retailer license
  • Retailer license
  • Testing laboratory license

For each type of license, you will need to demonstrate not only that you meet state regulations but also local zoning laws. You will need a workable business plan and provide clear indications about how, when and where you intend to operate, with the size and location of your premises specified and your key personnel detailed.

Our cannabis business consultants can help you assemble the documentation required before and after your application (upon approval) and meet the timelines for providing the licensing office with what it needs so that you can start operations as planned.

We have extensive experience around the U.S. in helping startups take the first steps to become operational, establish their businesses, and grow them.

Start-up services for cannabis industry entrants in R.I.

Whether you want to produce, manufacture, distribute or retail cannabis products, the success of your business depends on how well you optimize your setup and comply with the legal requirements set out by the cannabis regulators in Rhode Island.

Our cannabis business consulting services include:

Cannabis business license applications

Obtaining a cannabis business license is a complex but necessary procedure in Rhode Island as the adult-use cannabis industry finds its feet.

We have extensive experience in helping business owners prepare applications and secure cultivation, production and retail licenses, as well as other occupational licenses for producers, manufacturers and dispensaries.

Cannabis business formation

No one needs to tell you that growing, extracting, manufacturing, and retailing cannabis products requires extensive know-how. You know and possess that already.

The expertise of our cannabis business consultants is in helping you set up your business so that you have a launchpad for success and encounter fewer issues as you become established within the Rhode Island cannabis industry.

Cannabis business compliance

Cannabis businesses in Rhode Island will be under the microscope from the regulating authorities and there is likely to be little tolerance for non-compliance (with fines, holds, suspensions, or closures likely).

Our cannabis business consultants can help you navigate the laws and the guidelines with confidence from the start and, as you become more established, we’ll help you stay up-to-date with the evolving regulations in Rhode Island.

Contract and lease drafting

Cannabis businesses need to specify the premises they will use to secure a license in Rhode Island. This may not be as easy as it sounds as commercial spaces for cannabis cultivation, manufacturing, storage, packaging, and retailing face challenges that other types of businesses don’t face.

If you are looking to purchase or rent out space, our cannabis business consultants can help draft comprehensive cannabis contracts that protect your business from the many risks that affect cannabis startups.

Cannabis standard operating procedures (SOPs)

Cannabis businesses must outline a series of standard operating procedures (SOPs) that are base protocols for business owners when following industry best practices.

Our cannabis business consultants can help you define processes that guide operations in your cannabis business for the years ahead.

How our cannabis business consulting services can help

For producers, manufacturers or retailers looking to enter the emerging cannabis industry in Rhode Island, there are many opportunities.

Our cannabis business consulting services can help you get set up so that you can take advantage of these opportunities for many years to come, helping the cannabis industry in Rhode Island grow and prosper with you.

If you’re starting a business here, you’re going to be a target for the authorities so we can ensure that you are compliant and can support you as you plan, incorporate, begin operations and look to grow a successful cannabis business.

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How will our cannabis and psychedelic business services help you

Cannabis & psychedelics business entity formation

Whether you are looking to form a limited liability company (LLC) or a corporation, our experienced business lawyers can discuss the pros and cons of both and help you incorporate your business with the optimal structure to achieve your goals.

Cannabis & psychedelics business licenses

If you want to run a cannabis or psychedelics business, you will need a valid business license issued by your state authority as well as local permits. Eligibility criteria are likely to be stringent and we can help you navigate the often-complex license application process.

Cannabis & psychedelics corporate documentation

Whether you need to prepare for a license application, transfer of business ownership, change of corporate structure, transfer business location or another business process, we can help you identify and draft the documentation you need to operate legally in your state.

Cannabis & psychedelics administrative law

State authorities watch licensed and unlicensed cannabis and psychedelics businesses closely. If you violate regulations, you could face an administrative penalty. Our attorneys can provide representation or help you prepare for an administrative hearing, settlement conference or appeal.

Cannabis & psychedelics disputes and litigation

Whether you have a dispute with another business, a legal issue with one of your partners or a licensing or administrative issue, you may need legal assistance to help resolve it. We are adept at alternative dispute resolution methods as well as civil litigation.

Cannabis & psychedelics regulatory compliance

As the cannabis and psychedelics industries emerge in states around the U.S., they are more heavily regulated than most other industries. We can help your business navigate the red tape and plan to stay on the right side of the regulatory authorities in whichever state you are based.